Are you ready to participate in the Awards?
– Have you completed your member profile and added a description and images?
– Have you set your profile page to public mode?

When you set your page to public mode your profile URL will be displayed.  Please copy this and share it with your supporters so they know where to go to vote for you.

There is no rush
You have until June 9th to ask your supporters to vote for you.  They only need to vote once via their social media accounts.  There is no need to stress about directing supporters to vote for you everyday. As long as you tell them at least a few times during the voting period, that should be enough.

Vote Tallies
Please do not ask us for your vote tally as we are not releasing scores or ranks.  We do not want to risk embarrassing businesses who do not receive many votes.   The official results will be released on June 16th via the members area.

Please do not do any of the following:
– Offer to vote for others in exchange for them voting for you
– Use website such as to increase your score
– Exchange money or anything for votes. Scammers may contact you offering votes for a fee.   Please alert us to them so we can ask Facebook or Twitter to suspend their accounts. Our developers will be monitoring all vote activity to ensure a level playing field.

The best approach is to simply ask those who appreciate the service or products you offer to support you by voting.

We have uploaded a new promo image to the download area which you are welcome to use. It will help you alert your supporters to the fact that voting is open.

Please log in here to access your account: