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Wedding Service Providers listed in the right-hand column have worked with the recipient of the seal shown above and agree that the person deserves "Expert Status" by confirming the following:


To the best of my knowledge, the recipient:


Excels in all aspects of their profession.


Is honest and fair in all dealing with me, my business or my employer.


Has a positive, professional attitude and is well presented.


Honors agreements made with clients and suppliers.


Presents their qualifications and expertise accurately.


Communicates effectively and returns calls and emails promptly.


Demonstrated exceptional customer service.


If a dispute arises, they resolve it quickly in a professional, courteous manner.


Operates or works in a business that is a credit to the local Wedding Industry


Is well respected within the local Wedding Industry.



Expert Status makes it easy for couples to identify respected wedding professionals in their local area.

There are so many things that could be taken into consideration when determining if a person deserves Expert Status. Is a person an expert because of their credentials, their training and education, their professional memberships, their publications, their level of experience - or a combination of these? The answer you get really depends on who you ask and what they value.


We think one of the best ways to determine if a wedding service provider is an expert, is to ask others in the industry who personally work along side them or on the same client weddings. Those who see time and time again what goes on behind-the-scenes, and those who have the same clients are often in the best position to judge.


Wedding Professionals who apply for Expert Status provide us with a list of other Wedding Professionals they have worked with. One of our staff then personally contacts each person to confirm that they support the person's application for Expert Status. A person needs to be confirmed by a minimum of five Wedding Professionals from at least three different fields (eg: Planner, Photographer, Venue Manager etc.), to receive Expert Status.



DISCLAIMER: Wedding Industry Experts,  its owners, officers, directors, contractors and employees are not responsible for the actions or quality of service of any person who has been awarded "Expert Status." We do not endorse, or guarantee them, their companies or their abilities. We merely present the opinions of others who have worked along side them.






How does it work?

A staff member from will research and contact the Wedding Service Providers listed in each application to confirm that they are actually legitimate vendors and that they agree that the applicant meets the ten points listed above. These individuals cannot be relatives or employees of the person applying for Expert Status.

A personalized seal and a web page like this page will be created for each recipient to link their seal to, as confirmation of their Expert Status.

Who can apply for Expert Status?

Expert Status is awarded to individuals not businesses. Businesses may have a number of individuals with Expert Status on staff. Expert Status seals are customized with an individuals name, location and the period they are valid for, and linked to a page like this.


How can I apply for Expert Status?

Send us an email with your request for Expert Status, and we will send you some information.


How long is Expert Status granted for?

One year. Recipients can request an annual review to renew their status. We independently contact their list of vendors again (plus any new ones they wish to add), to confirm they still believe the recipient is worthy of Expert Status. reserves the right to deny or withdraw Expert Status.




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