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London Canada
“When my husband and I got engaged, with the excitement also came the stress of having to plan a wedding. I didn’t know what vision/theme I wanted, or what vendors to contact. I began to stress over the enormity of planning the big day and realized this would be too much for me to plan on top of my already busy schedule. Whether you have a 50 person wedding, or a 300 person wedding this is an enormous event!

Almost immediately my best friend, a makeup artist with much experience in the wedding industry, told me I needed to hire Lauren and the Twelfth Night Events team. She explained to me that her brides who had Lauren were the least stressed, the happiest, and of course had the most beautiful weddings. As I had always had a love affair for beautiful weddings and an obsession with luxury wedding magazines, I began to research Twelfth Night Events and fell in love with what I saw! I realized immediately that Lauren was the one for us to help make our wedding dreams come true! I contacted Lauren immediately and we met. I was so impressed with how quick to respond Lauren was to my original email, on a holiday nonetheless.

Throughout our engagement Lauren’s professionalism and attention to detail never wavered, as she came along for meetings with vendors and helped us negotiate pricing, make adjustments to contracts and many more things I’m sure I have no idea about that happened behind the scenes. She suggested vendors that could provide the service and results that we wanted, and didn’t waste our time with vendors that could not. Helping us create our perfect day was not the easiest thing, as my husband and I had very conflicting visions of what we wanted our wedding to look like! I wanted modern and my husband wanted romantic, and somehow Lauren worked with our vendors and produced exactly what we both envisioned. Lauren handled every email and correspondence from every vendor; most brides have overflowing inboxes and phones ringing off the hook. Not me! Many times through the engagement people would try to sympathize with me, without me even saying anything! As if its an unwritten law that brides have it bad, saying “oh, don’t worry, your wedding will be here soon and the stress will be gone!” I would immediately correct them and say “Oh no, I have a wedding planner. We are good! I don’t want my engagement to be done! I love being a bride!!”. Explaining this was due to Lauren, was a huge understatement. I had zero stress, zero anxiety, nothing to worry about – other than of course the normal excitement of my big day approaching.

What I loved most about Lauren during our planning process was that little things that my husband or I mentioned to her that even WE forgot about, Lauren remembered. She genuinely cared about my husband and I, and it reflected in the every aspect of her work. When our big day finally arrived, we both simply got to be bride and groom, relax and take every moment in. There are so many things that happen the day before and the day of your wedding that brides have no idea about, or realize until the last minute, and Lauren handled them all. From paying vendors, to ensuring everything is set up according to contract and plan, dealing with any mishaps or changes to plan, and of course ensuring everything runs on schedule. As a strong A-type personality this was incredibly important to me, and Lauren blew my mind when it came to being even more A-type and organized than I was. From the first look, to walking down the aisle, to dinner service our entire day was absolutely perfect.

I will never forget shortly before walking down the aisle, feeling incredibly anxious for my “big moment”, and seeing Lauren walking towards me. Immediately seeing Lauren eased all anxiety and stress, and I was able to only focus on my love for my husband, and of course looking fierce on my walk down the aisle! This right here is worth everything, and is the very reason why every bride needs TNE.

Our wedding day was the most beautiful day of my life, and you can see it in our photos. I tell all newly engaged brides the best advice I can give you is to hire TNE immediately. Enjoy your time as a bride and let them do the work. It was so hard for me to write this review because I wanted to make sure it was ENOUGH, that it matched the amazing gift Lauren gave to us in being our wedding planner. Thank you Lauren and TNE for not only being our wedding planner, but in helping our dreams come true on our wedding day. xoxo”
Lauren Campos-Reales
October 17th 2015 - 17th October, 2015
When we first got engaged, the first person that I booked was my makeup artist, Katie Foster(Taz Hair Co. London). One of the first things she said to me was to look into the Twelfth Night Events team because of all the brides that she works with, those were the ones that were the least stressed out. This was by far the BEST advice I was given.

As we started to book our venue, and look at other vendors, I didn’t think that I needed a wedding planner and that I could handle it all myself. WRONG. With both of us working full time jobs, it became increasingly difficult for us to find the time for the finishing touches and all of the details that truly make a wedding. Then came Lauren to save the day (literally).

We worked with Lauren for the last couple of months leading up to our wedding. Typically, the last few months are the most stressful, with invitations, RSVPs, finalizing details and making sure you haven’t forgotten a single item on your ‘checklist’ (in this case, timeline) BUT I couldn’t be stressed out even if I tried. I sent Lauren countless texts and emails with the title ‘RED ALERT’ and I was immediately reassured with the response “I’ve got this” and she did, every single time. She worked with us on our timeline, and made sure that it was executed right down to the minute. I have never been to a wedding that has run on time, but ours did and I’m sure everyone that works with Lauren is pleased to say the same.

Hiring Lauren enabled me to just simply be a bride. We enjoyed every second of our wedding because we weren’t worrying about what could go wrong, and what didn’t turn out the way we had hoped. All of my relatives and friends, commented on how calm I was the days leading up to the wedding and especially the day of, and that’s how a wedding should be. It is one of the most important days of your life, enjoy it, take it all in and don’t stress …aka HIRE LAUREN.

Lauren has also become my friend. She genuinely cared for me and my husband and was always looking out for us. She dealt with the vendors, she found us other vendors who were a better fit and she was an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Every bride that I talk to now that asks for my wedding advice, the first words out of my mouth are to contact Lauren and her team, because it will be THE SINGLE BEST decision that you make.”
Jessica Birani
August 29th 2015 - 29th August, 2015
“Our wedding day was everything we could have ever asked for, and more. We breezed through the day without a single glitch and we can say that without a doubt, it was because of Lauren and her amazing team. We were able to truly take in each moment and enjoy the day because both my husband and I knew we had hired the best of the best.

When we got engaged, I was all over the wedding planning process. Binders, folders, and a file for everything! I was extremely organized and thorough with each aspect of the planning process. I truly thought I could pull it off all by myself. When we met with Lauren for the first time, I realized that there was so much more to it. She carried herself with such a high level of professionalism and class and we knew right there that we had to book her. This proved to be the best decision in our entire wedding planning process.

Initially, we expected that we would have someone we could ask questions throughout the final weeks of the wedding and someone there to coordinate the day. To say that we got so much more is beyond an understatement. Lauren communicated with vendors so that we didn’t have to, she dealt with issues so that we didn’t even know about them, and she allowed us to enjoy the process with the knowledge that we had the most organized and efficient professional in our corner. We hired her as a wedding planner, but what we really got was a friend who wanted to make our wedding day the best day of our lives. She exceeded this goal in every way.

To anyone getting married, my strongest recommendation is that you meet with Lauren before anything else. You will begin your wedding planning process feeling at ease and peace. No words will do justice for the part that Twelfth Night Events played in our wedding day. Our only regret is that we didn’t contact Lauren sooner!

Lauren, we are so thankful to have been able to work with you. We appreciate everything you did to make our wedding the most memorable day for us. I will continue to sing your praises; your accomplishments are truly unmatched. Thank you, xo”
Natasha Mati
July 11th 2015 - 11th July, 2015


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