Rev. Joanne DeGasperis
Penetanguishene Canada
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Joanne was extremely welcoming, kind and helpful right from the start. We really did not know what we wanted in a ceremony but with Joanne’s guidance we were able to create a ceremony that represented us as a couple.

Joanne is extremely easy to work with and reminded us along the way that it was our ceremony, as she wanted us to feel comfortable with the outcome…and we definitely did!
Our ceremony was exactly what we both wanted but just couldn’t put into words ourselves. It was perfect and filled with love, thanks to Joanne!

If we do a marriage renewal in the future, Joanne, you will definitely be a part of it!
Laura and Jeff
Midland, Ontario, Canada - 28th February, 2015
Joanne DeGasperis officiated for our beautiful ceremony and handfasting. We couldn't have asked for a better fit for us! Her wording brought us both to tears and we continue to talk about our perfect ceremony on a regular basis. We were pleased with how updated she kept us throughout the entire process and the help she gave with adding the Oathing Stone tradition. It is as though she spoke the words we felt in our hearts and I personally loved the way she brought the four elements and directions into everything. She was also very patient with the one hour delay from the groom forgetting the marriage license at the hotel! It would not have been the same without her!

Thank you so much for everything Joanne, you gave us the perfect private ceremony we dreamed of!
Alexandria and Justin
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada - 5th July, 2014
If you are reading this, then you are looking for the perfect officiant for that picture perfect wedding. You have just found her! From her first email response (which came very quickly and was so well written), we were pretty sure we had found her. After we met with her in her lovely home and we all chatted a bit about ourselves, we knew that we had. Joanne is everything we had hoped for in a wedding officiant. From her "relax, I'm in no rush" attitude at the wedding rehearsal (some of our wedding party arrived rather late), to the smiles and guidance throughout the ceremony and the final goodbyes after the reception, everything was perfect. We've been to many weddings, where the officiant was just an officiant. With Joanne, it is as though you are greeting an old friend. She exudes warmth and compassion and instantly made us all feel relaxed and at ease. As she spoke to us throughout our ceremony, it was easy for our family and friends to see that she absolutely loves what she does.

Joanne helped us not only in a way you expect an officiant to help, but in little ways, like straightening our son's boutonnière, fixing our trains for a photograph and helping us to arrange chairs on the beautiful lawn. Every single one of our guests could not say enough about how Joanne's words moved them and touched their hearts. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you, Joanne.

It truly was...picture perfect!
Barb & Kate
Mulmur, Ontario, Canada - 21st June, 2014
What we remember most about our wedding ceremony was the caring and confident manner in which Joanne DeGasperis performed the service. Getting married is nerve racking, but Joanne managed to respectfully and carefully guide us through the ceremony with so much love and beauty. The ceremony went so fast that it wasn't until after it was finished that we could sit back and reflect on how wonderful the entire thing was.It wasn't rushed, or cold, or arrogant. It was filled with beauty, and love, and grace. Wedding guests came up to congratulate us once we were pronounced legally married, and everyone felt the need to tell us what a magnificent job Joanne did. Under the careful guidance of Joanne's love and attention, we were able to unite together with nothing but peace and love.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 9th July, 2011


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