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Yes…dinner and dancing with family and friends was fun, but the ceremony was magnificent. Not only is Zita an excellent writer…she is a superb storyteller as well. Through Zita’s words, Jorge and I relived our first date, our upbringing, and the struggles one faces in life. She made our ceremony intimate, heartwarming, at times funny, and deeply touching. The love story she wrote captured us so clearly that it took my breath away."
Elizabeth and Jorge
The Lord Jeffrey Inn, Amherst, MA - 2nd July, 2015
Zita made our ceremony personal and we have had so many people saying what a great ceremony it was... sweet, romantic, funny, unique... and not just close family, but the friends who usually would fall asleep during the ceremony as well!
Laura and Colin
Farmington Gardens, Farmington, CT - 29th November, 2014
Our officiant Zita Christian, who is a romance novelist, wrote our “love story” which told the history of our relationship. The story was amazing and made our guests laugh quite a bit. It epitomized the atmosphere that we wanted for our wedding – thoughtful, personalized and fun.
Chelsea and Bill
Old Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT - 7th June, 2013
Because we're from two different countries, Zita carefully researched customs and traditions and incorporated them in our ceremony. There were guests from all around the world who spoke different languages. Zita very easily conveyed to them what was happening so they were a part of the very special day...Zita’s very presence, energy, spirit and love made the evening and the ceremony nothing short of perfection!
Doug and Mikolaj
The Ritz Carlton, New York, NY - 21st June, 2012
We are an older same sex couple (two guys) and were a bit wary about who might well officiate but Zita was like a gift. She made the simple wedding we wanted special and a moment we'd remember. Importantly, she listened and responded to what worked for us Zita does not impose or judge. She has an intuitive nature that makes her a perfect officiant. In addition, she is a lovely person who brought a sense of humor ad wonderful energy to the ceremony.
Joe and Mike
Residence, New London, CT - 5th October, 2013


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