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  Key Differences Between Winners & Losers in Business

Are winners in business  just more talented? Or luckier than the average person? Most people believe yes. But Professor Carol Dweck of Stanford ...[continue]


Getting Potential Clients to make a Decision
Sometimes there are potential clients who hang on to your proposal or information for weeks or even months before making a decision... [continue]


Brand Brilliance: Re-Enlisting Heads, Hearts and Hands
Stale... stuck... spiritless. That is what brands become when they lose the mojo! Simply launching a new product in this hypersensitive.
.. [continue]


4 Questions that will Change Your Business
How long does it take to really improve a business? Much less time than you think. I have seen hundreds of businesses changed in minutes just by... [continue]


How Big is Big Enough for Your Wedding Business?
Last year, as my business was continuing to grow rapidly with more and more clients to serve, I started to rethink what I was doing and where I really ... [continue]

  How to Work with a PR Agency
You’ve reached a point in your business where you can allocate a budget to PR campaigns. You have great products and services, a good reputation... [continue]

Can You Send Me Some Referrals?
Ever have a bride who is looking for some referrals from past brides? How about the bride who wants to see you in action? Either way you are imposing... [continue]


Why Your Wardrobe Matters
What do you wear when you meet with your current and potential clients? Are you showing off your personal style? Are you dressed in your .... [continue]

  7 Questions Venue Managers Should Ask Regarding Floral Decor
In the course of my work over the last twenty years, I have noticed that there are certain complaints that appear time and again amongst the ... [continue]

4 Ways to Work Much Faster
The crucial skill in today’s business world is surely the ability to work really fast. How can you double the speed at which you work and still... [continue]

  How A Positive Attitude Impacts Your Life & Work
Do you ever notice how negative some people are? Lately I’ve heard professionals make snide remarks about another or the industry they’re in and I feel ... [continue]

5 Ways Kindness Will Impact your Bottom Line
Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman that Ever Lived once said, “Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going... [continue]

  Flowers and Brand Reinforcement
As flowers are so versatile and far-reaching, they can be used in a wide variety of ways to reinforce a brand. From containers to fresh versus dried or... [continue]

How To Create A Cashflow Plan
Cash flow strategy sounds more intense than it actually is. Just like you create a sales plan and an expense budget, you should have a cash flow... [continue]


What is the ROI On Your Time?
Entrepreneurs talk about and monitor ROI, the return on investment. Many of us use formulas and spreadsheets to determine whether our money... [continue]


Clutter Creates Chaos
You’ve probably heard the adage, “a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind”. That adage is very true in fact , the type of clutter that kills a small business ... [continue]


Prevent a "No" Before you Meet with the Couple
In sales, rejection is tough. Especially for us emotional creative types! So anytime we can help our prospective clients see the value of what we offer ... [continue]

  Eight Things not to Say to a Journalist
There are many benefits to hiring a PR agency. A specialist PR agency in your sector will have built up good relationships with editors and writers in your... [continue]

The Art of Self Promotion
I know wedding and event planners who are afraid to hand out their business cards or tell people who they are and what they do. When you ... [continue]


The Risk vs The Reward
Let me ask you this: if you had to guess, would you feel that your Brides would go further to gain a better result (the reward) or avoid a ...[continue]

  The 5 Senses of Event Design - Part 1
People talk about using the 5 senses in the design of events in a very liberal way but don't often explain what this means, so over the next 5 weeks ... [continue]
  The 5 Senses of Event Design - Part 2
People talk about using the 5 senses in the design of events in a very liberal way but don't often explain what this means, so over the next ...[continue]
  The 5 Senses of Event Design - Part 3
We are continuing with our series on using the five senses in event design and today were talking about our third sense, the sense of sound. Aside ... [continue]
  The 5 Senses of Event Design - Part 4
We are continuing with our series on using the five senses in event design and today we’re talking about the fourth sense, the sense of taste... [continue]
  The 5 Senses of Event Design - Part 5
This is the final part in our series on using the five senses in event design and today we’re talking about our fifth sense, the sense of touch. To really .... [continue]

Find The Magic Again In What You Do
The road traveled can be a tough one. We all go through some pretty heaving things during our lives that can derail us. It’s happened to me several... [continue]


What’s the Difference Between a Designer, Developer and Strategist?
Most of us dive into our first website with visions of instant success dancing in our heads. But reality quickly sets in when our site has gone “live”, but we... [continue]

The Guilt that Comes with Work-Life Balance
In the first year after my daughter Lili was born, I went thru an identity crisis of sorts. I wanted so hard to retain a sense of self, yet everything had ... [continue]

A Checklist for Personal Efficiency
At the end of the day, there are two ways to excel in business. Right strategy and personal effectiveness. Strategy is often a complex matter. Personal ... [continue]


The Risk vs The Reward
Let me ask you this: if you had to guess, would you feel that your Brides would go further to gain a better result (the reward) or avoid a potential failure... [continue]

Do What You Love and Make Money
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do what we love and money would flow automatically? It actually can do this and it will, but not entirely by... [continue]

3 Reasons People Don't Succeed in Business
Are you struggling to reach your goals in business? Most people are. The fact is the vast majority of business owners fall well short of ... [continue]


Help, My Website Does Nothing For My SEO!
These are the exact words that came directly from the mouth of a new client recently. And it’s not the first time I’ve heard them. It’s one of … [continue]

Are You Too Old To Change Careers?
I am surprised at the number of emails I receive asking if it’s too late to start a career in event planning at age 35 or 45 or even 60 years old. Is ... [continue]

  How to Prepare Clients for Your Vacation
Whether you are getting ready to take a vacation or take extended time off for a baby or other life event, it’s important to properly prepare your ...[continue]

A Brilliant Way to Generate Ideas
The future of your business depends on just two abilities. Firstly, being able to come up with excellent ideas to expand your business. Secondly to ... [continue]


3 Questions Every Bride Has When She Visits Your Website
Want your website to make a bigger impact in less time with less work? Understand what your brides, grooms and clients are looking for when they arrive… [continue]


All That Sparkles Isn't Successful
You’ve heard the saying… All that Glitters isn’t Gold… Well, this is my business spin on it: ALL THAT SPARKLES ISN’T SUCCESSFUL. YEP… all of these... [continue]

  I'm Too Busy
I was going to speak at an association meeting not too long back. As we drove to the event, I asked my host how the attendance looked and she shook...[continue]

Why Setting Goals Is So Important
We usually think of the New Year as the time to set goals and figure out what we want to achieve. Now is a good time to check in on those goals ... [continue]

  Independant Contractors and your Wedding Business (For USA based businesses)
When any business decides to hire paid workers, they are faced with the question of whether that worker should be a W-2 employee or ... [continue]
5 Simple Strategies To Stay Focused
A client of mine calls it spinning.  I call it helicopter brain. Our lives seem almost manic at times, and I’m guessing you feel it, too. Between coaching... [continue]
The 6 Best Ways to Save Time at Work

Anyone serious about achievement in business needs to be obsessed about efficiency. As a result of global commerce, the rise of the microchip... [continue]

  Putting the Mojo into your Wedding Designs
There are many misconceptions in the wedding industry and one of those is the role of the wedding designer. People like to use the term ...[continue]
Things to bear in mind if considering hiring a PR Agency
PR should be an important part of your business and implementing a clearly defined PR strategy is something that should be taken as seriously as...[continue]

Thinking of Changing Your Logo? How to Know If it's the Right Move.
Having designed many a website and logo for wedding professionals in the past, I've often been asked whether it's really smart or really foolish to ...[continue]


5 Ways to Finish What You Start
An archery teacher placed a wooden bird in a field and asked his students to aim at the eye of the bird. Then he asked the first student, “What do you see ... [continue]


Using Email Marketing? Here’s How Not to Get Spammed
Its not the sexiest topic, but its a critical one nonetheless. Email marketing is still one of the most lucrative ways to transform prospects into paying ... [continue]


How to Become an Event Designer
Event design is such a relative term. What I can do versus what you can do versus what your competitors can do versus what Preston Bailey can do are ... [continue]


Don't Finish for Christmas before Reading This
2014 is almost here – and it’s time to think about your marketing now before you’re too busy with holiday parties, gifts and end-of-the-year ... [continue]

How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan
As a career coach, the most commonly asked questions I get are:  What is the effectiveness of marketing? Should I do more and how do I ... [continue]

A Brilliant Way to Create Demand For Your Products
I was speaking to a highly successful Beverly Hills property developer and he was telling me about a startling experience he had in Paris. He ... [continue]


Avoiding Client Burnout and Resentment
We’ve all been there. What started off as a beautiful relationship suddenly becomes a complete drain on your energy, resources and sanity. No [continue]

When You Don't Get Hired
It’s okay to be told no. Really. There are times when I thought I absolutely nailed a consultation but didn’t get hired. I connected well with the ...[continue]

5 Reasons Your Ads are Failing You
If you track the return on the investment (ROI) for your ads you may have found that some of your ads may not be working for you. Why is this... [continue]

Your List
Now is the time when you should get started on your want-it-all list. I’ve got an exercise to help you with that. As a reminder, be careful what... [continue]

A Checklist for Personal Efficiency
At the end of the day, there are two ways to excel in business. Right strategy and personal effectiveness.... [continue]

5 Ways to Handle High Maintenance Clients
You know those clients who call ten times a day and email even more? What do you do when they push every button and ...[continue]


5 Tell Tale Signs You're About To Regret Hiring That SEO Guy
When you’re an SEO (search engine optimization) novice, the hiring process can seem intimidating. You don’t know [continue]

It's Not All About The Money Or Is It?
OK, people… let’s be real here. Starting and operating a business isn’t just about the money. If it were, there are many of us that would/should have ... [continue]

Dating & Sales: An Un-common Approach
Imagine you are single (maybe you are and it is not hard to imagine). You decide, “Hey, It’s Friday night! I’m single and ...[continue]

  Making Your Business Standout From the Pack
Not long ago I went to one of the world’s biggest markets. Over 2500 vendors sell their wares every week at the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena... [continue]