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  Key Differences Between Winners & Losers in Business

Are winners in business  just more talented? Or luckier than the average person? Most people believe yes. But Professor Carol Dweck of Stanford University has proof to the contrary. After over a decade of research her ... more

  Memorable Client Experiences - (PARTS 1 & 2)

We asked members of our 2014 Honour Roll to share their most memorable client experiences. Includes answers from business owners in a number of different fields within the Wedding Industry... more

  Groupon. Is it a Smart Play?

To all you creatives that provide a service rather than a tangible good, are you really willing to devalue your worth by more than 50%? Groupon works great for businesses that want exposure to a new client base .. more

  Scott Barratt, Wedding DJ in Vancouver
I think that there are a variety of factors that go into being a great DJ and you need to master all of them. First off is the music – a great DJ can always tell you how long they’ve been dancing, how many just came on ...
  Megan Meyers - Wedding DJ in Cincinnati
July 22, 2000 marks the birth date of a company that now has 10 full time employees, over 20 DJs and two office locations. I became an employee of Party Pleasers at the age of 15 when I attended our first bridal show and ...


The Wedding Wednesday Report
The Wedding Wednesday Report is brought to you by The Wedding and Event Institute (WEI) and is a video report focusing on different areas of the Wedding Industry.




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